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Aug 19, 2008
While on subject, heres something bout mustaches

A mustache refers to the growth of facial hair in the area above the upper lip. Mustaches can be worn alone, or integrated into beards. They can be trimmed thin or wide, worn long or short in hair length, and the ends of the mustache can be turned up, turned down, or cut straight across. They can be continuous across the lip, or "divided" (hair styled to either side of the center). Certain styles require styling wax and/or twisting of the hairs at the edges, but these tend to be less common in this historical moment.

When styling your mustache, keep in mind that small details in the shaping can make a difference in effect. If the corners of a mustache are turned slightly down, this can give a droopy effect, while if the corners are turned upward slightly, this can look either cheerful or a bit clownish, depending on the steepness of the curve. Straight lines are generally neutral and neat in appearance. Unless you are going for a very bushy style or are compensating for a bald head with a very heavy mustache, the hairs of the mustache should not project over the edge of the upper lip.

A mustache can be worn to balance certain facial types and features. Consider the size of the nose, the size and length of the mouth, the shape of the face, and the area above the upper lip when styling your mustache. A person with a very prominent nose might consider a medium to large-sized mustache. Someone with coarse facial features or a large area between the upper lip and nose might consider a heavy mustache. For someone with a long, narrow face, or with more refined features, a thin mustache can be becoming. A short, thin mustache is appropriate for someone with an extra-small mouth. For a wide mouth and/or prominent upper lip, a heavy handlebar or large divided mustache can work well. An extra large mouth might choose a pyramidal-shaped mustache. A rounded face looks good with a semi-square mustache, while a square face looks good with a linear mustache with slightly rounded edges curving down. On a very long face, a mustache can add balance. If you have a small or weak chin, you might not want to wear a mustache alone (without an accompanying beard or goatee), as it will make the chin seem even smaller.

Try some of the suggestions above when styling your mustache, and experiment to find what is most becoming for your facial features. When in doubt, ask your barber or hair stylist for advice on styling your mustache. A number of mustache styles are illustrated below, but they are only a handful of possible styles and variations.

If your facial hair is not yet very thick on your upper lip, you may wish to continue shaving it off until it has filled in enough to wear a decent mustache. A thin, wispy mustache tends to make you look like a teenage boy, so unless that is the look you are going for, keep shaving until the hair thickens and gains density.


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Aug 30, 2008
The websites all a bit too paedophiles and pornstars for my liking, and the 'stache Bash section sounds ghey, but thats a big tune cant wait to hear your remix


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Mar 20, 2008

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