The Miserable Sodcast 02 featuring The Teknoist & MacheeeN Boi...FREE DOWNLOAD

M Boi

May 12, 2006
Greetings boys and girls

If Sustained Records made podcasts they would probably be the most unprofessional but best podcasts in the world!! The Miserable Sodcast 02 features 2 inebriated twats also know as The Teknoist and MacheeeN Boi. For your listening pleasure we showcase an obscene collection of fresh beats, whilst trying to be informative but ultimately end up talking literal bollocks.

The views and opinions in this Sodcast are totally fucked so don’t take offence.

The Miserable Sodcast 02 can be downloaded from...

If you like this you can download the Miserable Sodcast 01 featuring Scheme Boy and MacheeeN Boi from...

I hope you enjoy

SSTD001: The Teknoist & Throttler – There’s nothing here for you / I don’t dance
SSTD002: I:Gor – Obak / Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Are in the shops on 12” now

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