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Nov 29, 2001
Leamington Spa, UK
stuuu said:
taken from knowledge magazine

'mexican', danny c's standout tune is getting a vocal re-dub and release from j majik. watch this one go.


For fucks sake man. This is starting to get silly. I notice Barcelona has been given a "vocal re-edit" for some possible chart action.



Yeah, I never believed you either Mulla. Sounded a bit far fetched to me but i suppose nothing should really suprise any of us these days the way drum and bass is being watered down with these shite vocal edits.


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Nov 29, 2001
Got this from Lexicon magazine (Danny C is doin the talkin):

Ray Keith would have loved to have ‘The Mexican’ but he’s getting ‘The Mexican’ remix. We’re basically going to go in and do a full vocal tune with it and try to get it aimed towards the charts. Like an ‘LK’ that sort of thing because it’s got potential. We’ve got Justine who’s going to come in and do some vocals for us who I do a lot of work with now. So we’re going to try and push it that way, the remixes will be out on Dread. Just maybe a little bit of a bigger label will help the remixes and I think it will be beneficial for us to put it out with Dread.

He also had this to say about the new vocals:

It will be a proper Latin/Samba vocal over the top. The tune will be the same really although a few bits and pieces will change. We’ll be doing an instrumental as well as the vocal one so you’ll get two remixes for the price of one!

Check the interview

Boh ;]
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