Event The Messy weekender 2 @ Spa Pavilion Complex in York !!

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    Come to the Messy weekender 2 and experience 3 days + 2 nights of Raving, water sports, day time activities, boat party, never ending after party's and not forgetting the main event at the Legendary Spa Pavilion Complex!

    What we have in store is a fun packed messy weekend full of party's!

    You can check in from 3.30pm

    Friday night
    7pm - 4am
    @ The Spa Pavilion Complex
    West Cliff

    The Hardstyle Theatre



    Crowned best hard dance DJ at the awards this year, Kutski really is at the top of his table.
    The ingredients for a superstar are all in there, the ability to mix anything with anything have left crowds confused with a general “how did he do that” look across there faces. Technical skill with cuts and loops using every beat and bar of a track keep everything about Kutski’s sets fresh and devastating to behold.

    The people’s favourite Kutski aptly fits this title and is without a doubt the most exciting cross over talent to emerge from the U. K scene in the past decade! His popularity within the scene recently earned him 3 prestigious awards in the 2010 hard dance awards, picking up best UK DJ in the 2010 hard dance awards, outstanding contribution to the scene and best Album for his Goodgreef Xtra hard disc!


    Our number 1 resident is back in full force to unleash his mental side that seems to come out of him every time he gets behind those decks! Doesn't matter which venue he plays at or which town its in as this name is followed nationwide. Neigh point going on about this guy as the name speaks for itself!.


    Another leading force and defiantly a massive credit to the scene, we welcome back the Kidd!
    Alex will be playing on the main stage of the Messy Weekender. Alex is a true showman behind the decks with his constant trickery of the mixer and wild antics that whip the crowd into frenzy.

    For almost 4 years ‘Mixmag Future Hero' Alex has lead the way as the original resident at Award winning ‘Goodgreef£ resident as well as many awards as best DJ and biggest part animal

    With his own festivals and own events there's not really a lot more the Kidd can do!


    Winners of best residents their sets have caught the eye, with McBunn's unorthodox style of scratching and Brian M's unique and precise mixing style they have played at some of the leading parties
    in the UK and Ireland and as far as Italy. Their sound could be described as an energetic fusion of hardstyle and hardtrance, a perfect mixture of energetic hard beats. Early influences come from melodic trance and their sound has developed as they have grown and fallen in love with the power and energy of the harder side of dance


    Making her debut appearance, Cally Gage has also become one of the biggest names in the UK hard scene
    One of Cally’s major attributes is her ability to adapt not only to any size of event, but also to any venue, many different set times and several different styles of hard dance – from right through the spectrum of hard house and hard trance to being able to fit into a hardcore line up, Cally can do it all.

    With her full-on tune selection, impeccable mixing and sunny, crowd-pleasing personality, Cally can make any night her own – she is a certain crowd puller, and guaranteed to perform a brilliant set at any night, large or small.

    TONE B2B SYKESY ( 90 minute prime time set )

    2 of the most up and coming DJ's in the country at the moment go back to back. This set was first planned before the Atomik weekender 4 b2b set and will also be unleashed first! Both of them having the technical ability to match most headline DJs and also 2 personal favourite DJ's of Harder Timez H.Q. we are not only giving them a 90 minute set but a prime time slot as well


    Regular performers for Mayhem bang it out together

    THE EVIL GABBA LOFT: Misters of hardcore

    Smurf b2b Andy Clark

    Dj Gabbababy


    Daz Fountain b2b Jamie P

    Jock b2b Tomo,


    Seg b2b DJ Whosaidthat

    Levy (Eat your words)

    Mart Robinson


    Philthy Jennerators

    Mike Wooley b2b Hally

    Dr Hill

    AK Wright

    Chris dingo

    Mr Horn b2b Tangy

    Chris Beale b2b Paul Edwards b2b Ste Culkin

    Perry b2b Dam

    Boozeld Boys + Jester G


    Here we have an after party at a secret location. Only all weekend ticket holders are invited. You will be provided with a free coach to take you there. No one will know where it is accept the coach drivers

    Saturday Afternoon: Fun, games and activities

    All activities are for group sizes between 6 & 12


    An opportunity for you adventurous ones to go out together and have some fun down the streams. Be careful though as if one of you rocks the boat your all getting wet


    This one is for the people who still want to go down the steams and have fun but don't trust your friends. As if you choose this activity you get a Kayak boat to yourself.

    This one is for more of you lazy and bone idol people who just want to lay back and do nothing but chill out on water. Take charge of your own boat and sail sail away!

    Treasure hunting

    This activity is for those of you who like finding things. You will be split up in to different groups and given maps. The first group who finds the mark x wins the very special treasure. 2nd place will get a consolation prize.

    Rock Climbing

    This one is for the people who like going up heights. Don't worry you will have a harness with a qualified instructor just incase you cant make it to the top

    Mountain biking

    This one is for you fit clubbers who have got stamina. We have 2 different forests to choose from for this activity and it will be at your discretion.

    Wind Surfing

    Take charge of your own board and rig to plain across the water.

    Beck Scramble

    A challenge of varying degrees of difficulty. This can involve rock scrambling, squeezing through holes, river crossings, team challenges, personal and team challenges and more importantly a great deal of fun.

    Saturday Evening - BOAT PARTY!

    BRIAN M VS MCBUNN + more guests to be announced!

    This time for our boat party we are giving you the best of both worlds. A good old hardstyle party through the day light and night time. We are setting sail a bit later this time but because it is summer it will still be light and sunny. How ever we will still be out partying at night time as well, right out at sea!

    We will also be transforming the boat in to more of a dance environment by moving things about and making it more spacious for dancing. Also adding extra sound, lighting, lasers and decorations we will be making this boat party extra special and banging of course!

    We recommend you take some tablets for sea sickness if any one suffers from this as last time we had to go back to shore to drop a few people of cause they just couldn't handle it! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!



    Sunday Morning - Farewell get together!

    We will all be meeting up to say our fare well good byes after what's going to be a very exhausting weekend. The Messy weekender is all about bringing music lovers together for an enjoyable weekend so we want every one to get to know each other a bit better.

    Full weekend tickets only £99

    Payment method 1:

    £40 deposit, then you can pay just 2 more instalments at your own time discretion. Available for just - £99+bf www.theticketsellers.co.uk from the 6th May

    Payment method 2:

    Bank Transfer, £99 with no booking fee. HSBC Mr Leighton Sort Code 404757 Account number 20005525

    If you go for option 2 it require's payment in full.

    Telephone enquiry line - 07723095026

    Coach transport from all different areas through out the south of the UK - Eventz Travel - 07779232854

    Coach transport from the North East - Mark - 07516388792

    The Messy Weekender 2, 10th, 11th and 12th of September in Whitby, ITS TIME TO GET MESSY!