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Aug 5, 2008
Portsmouth, UK
lol this is almost heroic :p



I Am Not The King
Feb 8, 2002
me and nick did that one morning in greece, we were walking home after a hard night out when we all of a sudden see sasha down by the rocks with two half naked girls. there is no way in hell hes getting away with this we said to each other and charged at them, you see sometimes i too am begrudging and small, i am well within my rights, i should think, patron of the arts, filanthropist and all around good guy as i am, so we planted us there and made sure one of the girls went to get us wine, which she fell down the slope with and broke, because we figured she could take the dog for a walk at the same time, and the dog ran off on her just as she was coming down the slope haha you shouldve seen her what a fucking mess she was when she came back man EHAEHAEAHEA
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