The Massacre


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Ok im a bit mashed at the mo as had no sleep all weekend and jus popeed a strong sleeper... hmm yeh it is pretty difficult typing actually!!

Can hardly see straight, .... woah this IS difficult!

Well anyways regarding dis tune (Massacre?) im downloadin at the mo, i may jus bein a wreck head but it jus looks its been on acidplanet since 2003??

When I first read ur post im sure it said u had some fresh beats for the new year///

cud b my mistake tho... heh if any1 fancies checking out some of my stuff and has MSN then please do PM Me ur address as we all should work together!

I am in process of settin up a hard dance / dnb label as these two types wouldnt usually be associated!!

heh anyways i did a fat bootleg of destinys child, lose my breah few weeks ago, sick of hearing those vocals now tho!! heh as u wud,
well i went on a mish last night and created a few trax, two hard NRG/Trance and a MuThAfUcKa of a DNB one as I get no stronger feelings from any other styles of music apart from DnB,

too wasted to contiunue at mo so if anybodys interested in chattin then get in touch, i also DJ DnB and HardDance

and am setting up Phuture Prooph Records once we have researched into the industry a bit more.... woah i nEED to sLEEP!

night evry1

The Gavner

good to meetr you all" :hagglers: