The MacBook Workstation

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    The MacBook Workstation


    Priced at a hefty $6800, the MacBook Workstation is "created through processes that combine high technology with the finest materials and dedicated craftsmanship." Or, in other words, "the Workstation is made of aluminum that has been anodized to bring out both the comfortable and functional qualities of the metal."

    "The hardware within is a standard 2.4GHz MacBook, it also has 4GB of RAM and it apparently comes with Windows XP pre-installed for your convenience. Now for the price, we say you should be sitting for this one because it is by no means cheap (Yes we are Cheap Laptops but we had to show you this), the price is a hefty £3,500 (Around $6,700). The good news is if you purchase one of these MacBook Luxury Workstations it includes a donation of one OLPC XO laptop, does that make it a little better."
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