The LHC is a time machine .... where are you going back to and why ????


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ok, so its probably not ... but a nice thought ..

if you could go back to one evening / event / time / for just one day what would it be ...

it has to be in your life , not go back to a jungle rave that you never actually went to ..

id go back to the last ever Pleasuredome ,i went to it when i was 17 .. was first properly into pills then, completely care free, and happy to die at 21 if i was enjoying myself then.. ad an easy job, and everyday was a drug fueled binge... i remember sitting on this step rushing my brains out talking to a group of lads, then going and jumping about to loads of oldskool dnb, which i never knew i liked ..

the comedown wasn't too bad either, just followed with more class A's , loads of booze, and probably around 500 shotties, mainly packed with baccy..

happy days, ive gone all sensible now, and gotta think about the future... i dunno why.. care free days were the best..

id also like to go back to this time when i was porking this 35 year old blonde fit as fuck milf.. but that's a close second .. i still have her number... so it could be a possibility, not sure her fella would approve tho