The leisure lounge

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    now if you google metalheadz at the leisure lounge you don't get much - not many images not much discussion... it's all a bit of a non event


    in my opinion this was the best drum and bass night in london... the main thing is that the music in that period was at the real height of it's prowess

    anyway, this christmas i was invited to a party at a new table tennis venue in holborn.... as we approached the venue it became clear that we were going into a new place situated where the leisure lounge used to be. i was hit by the memories as i walked down the stairs into the venue.... adam f metropolis and doc scott's unofficial ghost were whirling around my head as my friends attempted to have a drunken game of table tennis

    anyway, came home and have been putting this together as a homage to the fragments of memories in my head

    let me know what u think