The Leeds Thread


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FACT: Leeds is the second largest metropolitan district in the UK; extending 15 miles from east to west, and 13 miles from north to south. This wide boundary contains some 562 square kilometres - of which two thirds is Green Belt - affording some of the most beautiful scenery in Yorkshire.

Natives of Leeds are known as Loiners.

Kirkgate Market in Leeds is where Michael Marks first opened his Penny Bazaar (1884) which was to lead, ultimately, to the foundation of Marks & Spencer, in 1890.

FACT: If stacked on top of each other, the amount of pies consumed in Leeds daily, could stretch out to the distance from the Earth to the Moon.

FACT: The first and last fart powered factory was built in Leeds in 1896. The factory was open for just a day before a tragic methane explosion occurred.

Now there's some scientific facts!—there's no real evidence for them—but they are scientific fact!


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i like the idea of a leeds appreciation thread, i'll throw some more advantages/facts about living in leeds out there:

1. leeds is not london
2. leeds is not liverpool
3. leeds is not in wales
4. leeds is not in scotland
5. leeds has the greatest number of yorkshiremen of any UK city
6. leeds has a william hill 1 minute away from my house
7. leeds is the capital of the north
8. leeds has the nicest fish and chips in the northern hemisphere
9. leeds is a safe, secure haven with border police to ensure no southerners or lancys try to sneak in
10. leeds is the birthplace of such people as Hedley Verity, Neville Longbottom, David Batty and Jimmy Saville off of jim'll fix it