The Last Hero - Underground Mysteries Part 2 of 2 - ARX048 - Out Soon

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    London/ Clacton duo The Last Hero step up for DJ Ink's seminal Architecture Recordings with the "Underground Mysteries" EP, the second of the series for the boundary pushing production team. Always the platform for uncompromising interpretations of Drum & Bass, Ink's long running imprint is the perfect home for this project to stand behind, encouraging without expectation his artists to fully explore the neither depths of the genre with a futuristic eye.

    The Last Hero steps up accordingly delivering four cuts of razor sharp, low slung tribal bass weight all aimed squarely at the dance floor but with enough atmosphere and subtle detail to come to life in your headphones as well. "Simian King" creates a tribalistic jungle vibe replete with Amazonian percussion, background animal noises and sound clash effects coming together over a warping bass tone. The heartbeat kick drums of "Roland Tempo" give way to a stomach turning underwater bassline, enhanced by loose break edits, submarine pings and languid synth melodies climbing in and out of the mix adding to the tracks distinctive aquatic feel. "Silent Hill" is the darkest, most punishing track of the project, utilizing an eerie building atmosphere over pummeling kicks, buried voices and deep space transmissions giving off a hair raising feeling of dread only broken by the sound of an air raid siren bursting though the tension.

    Closing out the ep "Six Dimensions" employs the same stark, stripped back sonic imagery of the other tunes, but takes the mystery even further with its slowly morphing motor city melody weaving in and out of the beats, drawing in your ear as you drift off into the abyss. Another installment of raw, unapologetic, dubwise technology from the Architecture camp.

    The Last Hero - Underground Mysteries EP
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    Think we'll go with :gun:and a :sniper:
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