The Jungle Drummer - Live Urban Drums [New Sample Pack]

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    Hey everyone! Check out this new samples pack released by Loopmasters!

    The Jungle Drummer - Live Urban Drums
    [by Loopmasters]

    Loopmasters are very proud to present a fresh and exciting collection of samples from one of the best drummers on the planet – Jungle Drummer. After over ten years of playing with some of the biggest urban acts in underground music the jungle drummer takes his unique live approach into the studio for this.

    "Live Urban Drums" is a cool collection of grooves which cover many genres including Hip Hop, Dubstep, Breaks, Downtempo, Breakbeat and of course Live Drum and Bass. Jungle Drummer recorded the pack in several days using several kits and busted out all his favorite grooves which modern producers will find invaluable to add realism and dynamics to tracks which could benefit from a live feel.

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