The Juices Vol.1 - Fizzy Beats (Mr Joseph, Pennygiles, Eveson etc!!!)


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So in amongst the ram and shogun releases which frequent the board, i thought id squeeze something in that seems somewhat under rated. And i know your gonna dig this!

So i think this is coming 1st june on the site, and then itll be in the retail outlets 1st july. cannot wait!! I know some people have been waiting verry long for some of this - and its worth the wait... like christmas... in july. yeah...

big props mr joseph

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should have posted press release

Fizzy Beats presents The Juices Series.

With summer creeping up, it's time to pop open something refreshing for your taste buds. Fizzy presents The Juices - 4 volumes of carbonated fizziness.

Volume 1 brings together 6 of the hottest producers in the drum and bass world; Eveson, Chris Inperspective, Andyskopes, Mr Joseph, Pennygiles and Paul T.

Exclusive pre-release date on (1st June)
Worldwide release date: (1st July)