The Intense Monster Sale Is Back on

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    The Intense Monster Sale Is Back on, with a whole heap of brand new vinyl being reduced to credit crunching, super saving, bargain prices.

    D&B Sale:
    Loads of promos & new releases have been reduced including labels such as CIA, Critical, Dispatch, Fokuz, Freak, Grid, Have A Break, Horizons, Ingredients, Inside, Kos.Mos, Liquid V, Prospect, SOM Music, Technique, Test, Vampire, Westbay & More! This sale really does cover the A-Z of drum & bass artists and labels, so who ever floats your boat, you will be sure to find something to please.

    Click here to go the dnb sale


    Dubstep Sale:
    A huge amount of our Dubstep back catalogue and new releases have also been reduced from labels and artists such as Argon, Akira Kiteshi, Black Acre/Black Box, Boka, Disfigured Dubs, Halo, Hemlock, Offroad, Planet Mu, Screwloose, Sin City, Soul Jazz, Reso vs Vent, Truth, Wheel & Deal.
    Click here to go the Dubstep sale

    The prices are as follows:
    12'' - £2.98
    2 X EP/LP - £5.99
    3 X LP - £7.99
    4/5X LP - £9.99

    Remember if you spend over £30 shipping is only £2.50 (Uk Only).
    For our European customers you pay £2 for the first vinyl plus £1 for everyone after that.
    For the Rest Of The World it is £2 for the first vinyl plus £1.50 for each additional track.