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hey, im sorry if this is the wrong forum section, but i know it gets discussed on here quite often.

Well Rhythm Nation in Doncaster was an independant dance music record store and it recently closed down. Some1 they knew made a short film about it and i thought id share it with ya's cos it was a cool little shop and probably typical of ur oldskool record shops which do seem to be on the decline now.

i used to go there with my mum n dad or just my dad often when i was a kid and id play round the record stands n stuff listen to everybody talk about what they'd been upto, about music and as i got older i used to go in myself and talk to ian and owen just about stuff... life n whatnot, even tho i havent been in a while ill still miss it cos i knew if ever i was in town i could go in and have a chat or whatever.

hope u lot enjoy it, its a well made video and like i said, even tho none of u have probably been or whatever it reflects more than just this single store in a crummy town :)
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Thats what I miss man. The customer chats and the banter. I will check your vid when I'm at home mate.