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Easy people I thought one of these needed to be started after my miserable sunday night & monday morning. My car decided to piss oil & water everywhere letting me know in the most expensive way that my head gasket had blown (£200-£300). This had a knock on effect when I wanted to jump into my brothers car & go to work, because his handbrake decided to stick & the thing wouldn't move!! So my hate is cars


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im going to have to go with alkahol induced impotence. what the fucks the point when youve got to chose between drinking and sex?? ruins the entire pub/club thing for me.


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bad ace inc. said:
ill second that,especialy the big fukers that wear slippers and shave.they freak me right out.

Have you ever witnessed someone walk into a spider web, that shit is hilarious. But not so funny if it happens to you. :mrpanic: :eek: o_O

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it makes my skin crawl jus finkin bout it.uurggggghhhhh.when i do see a spider i get the top of my deodrant can and put it over the bastard then feed it to my cat :broke_ima it loves em.


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*NEW* I hate insomnia

*NEW* I hate records that skip

*NEW* I hate the fact that my only copy of Looking Good, Seba & Lo Tek "So Long" broke in half on the NYC Subway.

I hate Ebay because it has allowed the price of 1992 hardcore records spin out of control.

I hate public breast feeding, and I hate it even more after reading a thread about it on BBS's BBS.

I hate Martin for making the Ego1 projector because it spoils my reguard for them as being a good lighting company.

I hate Pro Sound & Stage Lighting, their customer service is very very bad. Alls they care is that they have your money, after that they don't care and they don't return phone calls.

I hate driving because everyone roadrages you.

I hate William Patterson University because of their mandatory forgin language program, they can sit on it!

I hate PayPal because I don't have a credit card.

I hate the fact I wasn't born into a rich family (Hey, I wouldn't mind being a J.A.P.).

I hate DNB after 2002 for not taking the 92 revival sound to the next level and doing gay clownstep instead.

I hate Direct Drive for having "The world of Drum & Bass" on March 11th, a Thursday and not March 12th instead.

I hate anyone who doesn't vote Bush out of office.

I hate ppl opposed to abbortion, gay marrage, and THC legalization.

I hate the idea of the "Patriot Act".

I hate the drug war.

I hate laws that deny Americans of their constitutional rights.

I hate the death penalty.

I hate Comedy Central for not supporting MST3K.

I hate Joel Hodgson, Trace, and Frank for leaving MST3K.

I hate American DJ for lying to me about what light bulbs can work with their "Reflex" fixtures.

I hate Lucky Star computers.

I hate computer mice.

I hate directors that make bad zombie movies such as the German guy that did House of the Dead.

I hate people that sell Finest Illusion for 200 pounds.

I hate UK Hardcore for only being big in the UK.

I hate Planet X Records.

I hate that guy on the BBS BBS whos selling represses of 1993 records for 12 pounds each.

I hate the MAN SHOW on the Comedy Channel.

I hate MTV for not playing UK Hardcore videos in 1992 and only playing crap chart crap.

I hate girls that think they're britney spears (ie: girls that look like skeletons)

I hate the Vermont Teddy Bear Company for their discusting commercial playing right now.

I hate Wanda Sykes, the racist commedian


I hate the anime played on Adult Swim Action.

I hate Basement Records for not repressing their entire back catalog.

I hate my messy bed room.

I hate the book "Drum & Bass, A Rough Guide" by Peter Shapiro because its filled with untruths such as the part when he says LTJ Bukem's "Music" is the first amen tune. First of all its not the first amen tune, secondly its not an amen tune at all.

I hate that I can't find the records I want to buy at the price I want to buy them at.

I hate crossfaders on DJ mixers. They never work correctly and always make static when you move them.

I hate the speakers in my car.

I hate the lack of good TV programing.

I hate the fact I have to get up and change the channel because the MAN SHOW just came on.

I hate Goldie for not repressing Terminator, Darkrider, and all the other hardcore tunes he did.

I hate gangs.

I hate gangster rap.

I hate wrapping paper.

I hate HBO

I hate people who are hardcore religion.

I hate grade schools and high schools but I love colombine for making everyone actually notice that theres some hardcore bully violance that goes on in these types of schools. Its unfortunate but it seems someone needs to die first before policy is changed. Just as the same needs to happen before a new traffic light is installed. I don't think what was done at colombine was right but its nice to see that schools are trying to stop bullying as I had to endure it when I was in school.

I hate the Korg Kaoss Pad for being extremely buggy.

I hate getting head aches

I hate a certain message board that has drum and bass and has three letters to identify it.

I hate people that die.

I hate people that die and don't dig themselves out of the ground as zombies.

I hate......I just hate.

But, I love the new Quiznoss Sub commercial with the scary singing mutant hamsters.

This is a fun thread, thanks for making it.
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damn that was a comprehensive list mate, most of which I agree with :rofl: ... except public breastfeeding ?


ooohh baby ... :applause:


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i fookin' hate pikeys...

i work in a bar and every sunday night seems like every pikey scum crawls out from under their rock and comes to ME for a drink!

me: alright mate what can i get you?
pike: blank expression...
me: blank expression back...
pike: ermmmmm....
me: tapping fingers...
pike: what's cheap?
me YOU! now fuck off!


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bad ace inc. said:
ill second that,especialy the big fukers that wear slippers and shave.they freak me right out.
death to all mother fuking spiders....burn the evil 8 legged bitches ...i rather bed mo mowlan than go near a spider.... :mad: :mad: