The history of Michael Jackson's face


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Mar 4, 2002
I got this sent to me from a friend whos on a severed heads mailing list. Let me say that if you like, Freak Shows, and Ass Tulips then Michael Jackson's face is for you!

From: "Marc Plainguet"
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My old childhood friend back in L.A. has a friend of his knows the Jackson
family. He got married at Neverland Ranch last year and my friend was
invited. He said it's absolutely surreal. It literally does have an
amusement park on the grounds. My friend went to the movie theater and there
was a concession stand were everything was free to guests. Ironically,
considering that last link sent to the list, Planet of the Apes (the
original) was being shown. My friend said his friend, the groom, said it's
Michael's favorite movie.

Michael did not appear. The reason given by the guy who knows the family is
that Michael has no nose right now. [What] people are taking as necrotic
tissue on Michael's nose is actually a prostestic nose literally stuck on
his face. The skin from his original nose went necrotic.


So check out this page on the History of Michael Jackson's Face...

Michael Jackson's face

Double uck. :repuke:

Marc Plainguet


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Jan 30, 2002
Did anyone see the prog on his face on channel 5? that was pretty funny. Also remarkable to see that channel doing something other than poor quality soft porn
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