The greatest label of all time????


Mar 4, 2003
personally i got to say ram recs,theve been consistant and around from back in the day to still putting out the leading tunes in d-n-b.

moving shadow was close though!!!!
Reinforced 100%
Still keeping up the old jungle vibe with contemporary music

I have to big up Hardleaders too, cause with their alias tacticks
proved that you dont need big names to make it in the business..

But Moving Shadow must have the most kick-ass releases eva!!!
moving shadow has my vote although my actual fav has to be def jam for all the classic hip hop that paved the way for drum and bass.
Moving Shadow, even tho after about 75-80 I hardly bought any, but still 50 plus wicked releases for one label is an achievement not surpassed in dnb IMO
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