The Greatest & Best Drum&Bass Mix In The World... Tribute

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    Long time ago me and Jesus
    We was hitchhiking' down a long and lonesome road.
    All of a sudden, there shined a shiny demon... in the middle... of the road.
    And he said
    "Do the best Mix in the world, or I'll eat your soul"
    So i did some mixes that came my to my head, Just so happened to be. The Best Mix in the World, it was The Best Mix in the World

    >Dirt Off Your Shoulder -- Jay-Z
    > Rise Of The Machines -- Blame
    > Blastah -- Chris.SU & SKC
    > Out of Control -- C4C RMX
    > Teleportation -- Dirtyphonics
    > Original Nuttah U.K. Apachi & Shy FX
    > Rudeboy VIP Sigma
    > Still Dre -- DR Dre Instrumental
    Ladies Night (VIP) -- Demo & Cease
    Are You Ready? (Hive & Gridlok Remix) Calyx
    Stampede -- Audio
    Cold As Ice (Original 12") -- M.O.P.
    Killcode -- QO feat NUKLEAR MC
    Hush Hush -- Shimon
    GutterVille -- NC 17 & SoulCulture
    Signalz (Emperor Remix) -- Mefjus
    Running Blind -- Noisia
    That Sound -- Optiv/BTK
    Revenge -- Gridlok & Prolix
    Rocket Launcher VIP -- Sonic & Silver
    Shredder -- Optiv/BTK
    Friday -- Capone
    Precursor (Mefjus Remix) -- Emperor
    Dirt Box -- Optiv/BTK
    Weapon Of Choice -- Optiv/BTK
    Asteroids ft. Prolix -- Noisia
    Too Late -- Bungle
    Back To You -- Pendulum
    Crowd Reaction -- Dimension
    Shakedown -- DC Breaks
    Prometheus -- Enei
    Phase Align -- Fourward
    Troglodyte -- Culture Shock
    SlimeVille -- NC17
    Bear Trap -- Lenzman & Treez
    Decoy -- Stakka & Skynet
    AX -- Skitty
    War Bunker -- DISPHONIA
    Plummet -- Chromatic FT P Fine
    On The Off -- Break
    Guest List -- Liminal
    Haphazard -- Dose
    Labyrinth -- Slang Banger
    Renegade Snares -- Omni Trio
    Horribly Ribbed VIP (VIP Mix) Audio, Donny
    Nuke (Original Mix) -- Donny
    Deadline -- Digital
    Neo (Audio Remix) Hive
    Deadline -- Digital
    Cabin Fever Uk -- Hard Goin VIP
    ???????? ????????
    Dirge -- Apex, Evol Intent, Spor, Ewun
    Snapshot -- Roni Size
    Dubplate (Total Science Remix) -- Wots My Code
    My Tearz (Instrumental) -- Lenzman
    Outta Endz (VIP) -- Dom & Roland
    Vitreous -- Phace
    Gully -- Frankee
    Hot Plate -- Enei
    Heads Up -- Audio
    Get Low -- Interface
    Void Main Void -- Emperor & Mefjus
    The Nine -- Bad Company
    Out of the Game -- Reprazent & Roni Size
    Side Effects -- Kraken
    Atlas -- TELEKINESIS
    Disrupted -- Emperor and Mefjus
    Headroom (Audio VIP) -- Cause4Concern
    Oh Oh -- Noisia
    Timeline -- Dementia & Rregula
    Step & Flow (Original Mix) -- S.P.Y
    Midnight Nation (2am Remix) Optiv&BTK
    The Croc -- Command Strange
    Scatter -- Friction feat.Total Science
    No.Cigar -- Despicable.Youth
    Nothing.More -Lynx.Terry.Tiptoe..MC.fats
    Moving On -- Break
    Dub Specialist -- Future Roots,Crimson
    What You Are -- JADE
    Bass II Dark -- Asylum
    Ocean Catch (TR Tactics Remix) -- Dementia & Rregula
    Do It Like This Mindscape_feat._Coppa
    The Plague (Hive Remix) -- Keaton & Hive
    The War -- NC-17 & SOULCULTURE
    Messiah Konflict
    Dismiss Feat Jamakabi -- Command Strange & Artificial Intelligence
    DJRap Digable Bass (Voltage Remix) -- DJRap
    Melody.Madness -- Cool.Hand.Flex
    Remember Your Rootz -- Dom & Roland
    R-Type -- Jo
    Classic -- Jinx
    Girls Remix FT MC Fats Potential.Bad.Boys.Refix
    Stand Alone (Original Mix) -- S.P.Y feat. Drs
    Smoke Weed -- Jam Thieves
    Marka (feat. Strategy) -- Dub Phizix & Skeptical
    Respirator -- elle
    Tired -- Philth & P Fine
    Directive (feat. Mikal) -- Xtrah/Mikal
    Gain -- Arkaik & Coma
    Secrets -- John B.
    Bleed It VIP -- Amoss
    Serated -- Incognito
    My Tearz (feat. Steo) -- Lenzman/Steo
    Solitude -- Kloro4m
    Piper (grooverider Mix) -- Jonny L
    Gangsta Brown -- Jam Thieves
    Cobweb -- M-Soul
    Archive -- Calibre
    Nothing_to_Fear -- Level 2
    Bad Boy -- Command Strange
    -Pitch.Black Despicable.Youth.
    Spy Glass -- Memro
    Drop It Down -- Calibre
    Lazy Dub -- Lenzman
    Leave -- LSB
    Honey -- Calibre
    Chasing A Dream -- Technimatic
    The Frame K_JAH_Vytol_remix -- Siege_Alex_Barton_feat_Jesse_Bowden
    Tell Her -- Chromatic
    Triangles -- Logistics
    Stepped Outside -- Loadstar
    Devotion -- Basher
    Virgo -- Marcus Intalex
    True Romance D Bridge
    New Drums (Neonlight Remix) -- Teddy Killerz
    Slow Burn -- DJ Die
    Block Control -- Noisia
    Rollers Convention -- Siren
    Swarm & Multiply (Original Mix) -- Donny
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    Looks tasty moite
  3. bn14

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    Jan 18, 2009
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    Your mixes are always a cut above but... the length always puts me off i never have chance to listen at once and cant pick the vibe back up. Respect tho you cant buy those kind of skills and inspired tones of people round these parts (y)
  4. MistaNoize


    Feb 16, 2010
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    Re: The Greatest & Best Drum&Bass Mix In The World... Tribute

    I love playing longer sets man, so much music i wanna play an hour set just doesn't do it for me these days

    But big up for compliment bro x

    - - - Updated - - -

    But to be fair most the stuff i put up is 2 hours..... so not that long :p
  5. bn14

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    Jan 18, 2009
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    always try my best to fit them in (y) been a thread or two recently naming influences and you got named at least a handful of times youre well respected round here but its just tumbleweed round here these days most people have found a women or a career or something more rewarding than internet banter shame really least karl and andrew still preskooling us :banllama:
  6. MistaNoize


    Feb 16, 2010
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    That is generally wicked to hear i have influenced people, I've always loved mixing so much its nice others have taken to what i do

    And yeah quiet round here now, I'm only popping in to post mixes these days lol