The great Gain Recordings bonanza!

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Nov 29, 2001
DNBforum has teamed up with the lovely people at Gain Recordings to bring you this exclusive competition!

We have four, yes four Gain releases to give away to one lucky DNBforum user. Here is the release info;
  1. Gridlok & Origin / Wombat - Kontraband / SIN (GAIN010 - Release copy)
  2. Gridlok - Hotel / Vengeance (GAIN011 - Promo copy)
  3. Greg Packer - Mindwarp / Rock Da House (GAIN012 - Exclusive test press)
  4. K Step - Samara / Empire of Ashes (GAIN013 - Exclusive test press)
All you have to do is answer this simple question; Who are the owners of Gain Recordings?

Simply send your answer to; CLOSED - Please include your full name, address, and answer!

For more information on Gain Recordings, visit their web site at;
Quite a few wrong answers on this one - Winners will be announced during Tuesday 12th August 2003 :spliff:
Winner: Bad Ace

Your prize will be with you shortly
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