The good, the bad and the Dangerous LP sampler in the mix FREE DOWNLOAD.....


Ten Ton Beats
What's up fellow bassheads,

just a little reminder about the incoming LP sampler heading to download stores courtesy of Ten Ton Beats The Good, The Bad and The Dangerous by Dangerous has a release date and we thought you would like to be amongst the first to know. We at TTB have been banging on about this album for some time but now we have an official release date and are pleased to announce It will be in download stores from 19/11/12, with the full album to follow shortly afterwards.
Dangerous and yours truly are extremely proud of this album and we believe it marks a point in TTB history, where we have come from and where we are heading as a label, and how far our artists have moved on from that very first release in 2011.

I wont drone on for too long about why you should buy/promote and generally hold this album up as a beacon of dnb goodbness ;) but i will give you a demontsration of how effective the beats are in the mix, or when dropped as a live dj would do.

WITH OUT FURTHER ADUE WE PRESENT TO YOU THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE DANGEROUS MIXED BY REKLESS FREE DOWNLOAD, with special guest jingles :)This should wet ya appetite untill the sampler drops on 19/11/12

Maximum respect to each and every one of ya ;)

Rekless (TTB HQ)
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