The Futuristic Polar Bears talk DJ to Producer!

As you may have heard this year SLK took a leading role at BPM, October 2012 saw SLK Associates called upon to bring in members of their amazing roster as well as their own industry experience to become part of BPM’s continuing success story.

The weekend saw many SLKers heading to Birmingham from Ninjury; sharing their in depth knowledge and knowhow of running a label to keeping a crowd captivated, to The Squatters, Sick Elektrik and The Futuristic Polar Bears playing sets in the main hall wowing the growing crowd with their jaw dropping set of skills. The Futuristic Polar Bears not only played a massive set in the main hall but also took part in an educational panel, this trio of DJs lent their epic knowledge to answer questions, give tips about how to get your music out there, the dos and don'ts of promoting your own music and how to perfect your music like the pros! Watch The Futuristic Polar Bears talk DJ to Producer here!

BBC Radio One’s Danny Howard took to the centre stage being quizzed by Absolute Radio’s Christian Nash about his time at the BBC, his sudden rise to fame and who inspired him. Danny gave his advice to the aspiring presenters enthralled by the story of which there were plenty. To see Danny Howard getting quizzed at BPM 2012 by Christian Nash!

For all the highlights of BPM 2012 from SLK’s perspective watch the below video!