The FREE Sub-Bass Project


Apr 24, 2009
Hi all.

Ok, I am pretty sure that this has been done in the past, and I am hoping that this thread is not too redundant, especially to you guys who have probably created dozens of fine D&B tracks in your life! :D

However, for us 0MG n00bzt3rs, creating something that to some of you might be real simple (i.e. a decent sub-bass), can be a daunting task.

I am the typical “low effort / use patches or samples” individual, but for once I have decided that I want to learn to do things the HARD way. I want to create a cool sub-bass line for my tracks from scratch, so that I can use it for all my future D&B production. And I want to use freebies only – I am tight, I have no gear, and I rather do not touch warez.

My only economical “concession” is my DAW (non-commercial Reaper which cost me 35 quid). But I will use the DAW as a vst host only.

My first attempt to create a sub-bass has been exhilarating - yet unsuccessful, probably due to either conceptual errors or the use of the wrong software.

This attempt created using three layered tracks in my DAW: a synthesized sine wave created with a free synth (polyIblit), a Korg sub bass sample in track 2, and a low-volume kick in track three.

The master contained one of the Computer Music EQ’s (Aixcoustic Electri-Q) to try to get rid of over 130hz frequencies and limit everything below 35hz.

Final result was poor, but I will retry this approach from scratch and try to add a low/high pass (when I find a free one! :D) in order to fix some problems.

IF any of you guys feel like adding ideas/suggestions or want to collaborate with home made sub-basses, please feel free: I will spend the next month (at least!) trying to create something that I am happy with, both for learning and for future usage purposes… I have all the time in the world since I am old and I do not believe any of my songs will ever hit the dance floors! :D :D (I am not a pessimist, it’s simply that I am here to enjoy music creation more than anything else! :D :D)

All the best, best kisses (yuk!) et al! :D
mda low/high pass filter. Should be free. very basic.

Edit. What's your opinion on Reaper? Is it easy to work with? Any bugs?
unless the korg sample is the same note as the synth and is in phase, arent you going to get mad phase cancellation? i may be wrong though
Subprime, it really depends the usage you normally get from a DAW.

I mainly use Reaper as a host for vsts, and I am very happy with the usability of it all. Other "cheap" DAWS like Energy XT and stuff like that are extremely unusable (aka the "interface" linking the inner elements of the program with the user are poor).

Piano roll in Reaper is clear, chunky and easy to use. Adding new vsts to a chain etc is a gas. You can tweak colour schemes easily (and I am a sucker for highly coloured elements!).

HOWEVER: if you want a commercial license - well this is 250 dollars, and I would not pay that much for it: if I ever wanted to release something commercially, I'd go straight for Live 8 in order to make use of warping and stuff like that.

But yeah, Reaper is a very stable DAW, and very easy to use... Also like the fact that the program has not got dongles or rubbish like that... the company clearly specifies that they will trust you to buy the program if you use it for more than 30 days...

Dequo, what is "mad phase cancellation"? Sounds like something from Star Trek?! :D

^^in phase _____________________ ^^mad phase cancellation


if sample and synth are in same octave u gotta match them up or else stuff like that will happen
dequo, thx a bunch for the feedback! :D

and logikz, thx for the info --- gonna have a look at that subbastard program (mainly coz i like the name!? :D)...


is this about making subbass??? cos its probably the easiest thing in the world.

a lowpass filter and a conga sample or this freeware proggie subbastard

p$ I found a small app by De La Mancha called subAtomic that acts as a vst and was a good foundation for a sub-bass I am working with right now...

Using subAtomic in layer one, a conga in layer two and Dominator in layer three... hopefully, in a few hours I will have my first relatively OKish sub-bass! :D
I'm no geniuse at this subject but for sub bass i find the single sine or square wave you cant go wrong with, its hench wen played at a low note on the piano roll???

Ive also been told, make your specific bassline, then send it to a low pass filter with somethin to push the gains but then remove the low end sub, so u can then layer your sub bass be it sine square or saw an then usually it works a treat?
Personally i have found you don't need to layer your sub bass its the one thing that just doesn't work imo, wen u start layering, you get the wobble affect i find. But!! Im no expert at this so i could/possibly am wrong?!?!

P.s Subbass, always in mono aswell! ;)
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