The Free Stuff Thread (Who Doesn't Like Things For Free?)


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Seen this on other forums and they always have some links to free merchandise/samples etc. So post anything free that you've seen e.g. posters, stickers, skins (like the thread on here a while back). Legal of course, no spam or scams. Who can turn down the opportunity for free crap?

Free Coffee Cup with Spoon :D

Free Sunday Times Sports Calender

Free Keane (the band) 7" single and free storage box

Free DVD (only a questionnaire to fill out-can fill in fake details) This is legitimate, people have recieved their DVD's.

Free Charles Darwin Tree Of Life Poster- I've got this and it's pretty cool-should take 1/2 weeks to come (UK only)

Commence posting with free stuff...
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Free Guitar hero equipment (apparently) ser/std_alp.php?p_sid=GpBU5Tpj

Choose 'My Guitar isn't working' next to which ever machine you want one for.

Then choose country as Europe. Then submit.

Then choose your country.

Then language: your language.

Again choose machine.

Put a dot in circle next to Guitar Hero World Tour

On the next screen choose the guitar.

On the next screen choose "Whammy Bar not working"

Next screen choose Yes

Keep clicking forward to where it asks for a serial number. This is where the site messes up. It allows you to continue even if you don't have a number.

Just don't type anything in there and click for the next screen.

Then fill in name and address details.

It takes around 3 days to arrive!!! Enjoy.