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if you are keen for technoid dnb, same name can be found over at bandcamp if you need wav, also want to add , not quite sure if any one still remembers that techoind is still a thing, but its out there
We are excited to share a new free track by @AbstractElementz following their 667 EP release on Microfunk. This is what the duo had to say about this almost quarter-hour-long song::

‘This track was written back in 2013, when, after a long break, we started producing as Abstract Elements again. The idea was to replicate one of our favourite tunes from 1999 and turn it into one long phantasmagoric composition with our own twist and vision.

This one was an attempt to better understand the old school neurofunk sound that massively inspired us when we were just starting to produce music. We delved deep into finding original samples, had fun recreating patterns, playing with timbres. The whole process kind of reminded us why we fell in love with drum & bass in the first place and significantly influenced our following creative process.

We still think the original tracks we referenced in this tune are SO MUCH better, and we advise listening to them if you haven’t heard them yet.'

Make sure to check out their latest instalment on Microfunk Music, the 667 EP:

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