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So, the boss man (dBridge) releases an album before the weekend, and basically a long EP of free tunes after the weekend. All legit. Can post proof if needed, if thinking of playing these tunes out and don't know exactly where they came from. All from the True To The Craft spacebook page and the man himself...

Butterfly Effect

The Burnt King (version 2)

No Name Soul

Demand Destruction

I Know


(old but in the same thread)
DB vs Maschine (Northern Soul Edition)

(old but in the same thread)
D Bridge - Fate
D Bridge - Human error (DD)
D Bridge - If You Want To Cry
D Bridge - L-Avventura (DD)
D Bridge - Lost Shadow
D Bridge - OnO
D Bridge - The Traitor (DD)
D Bridge - Unbounded Joy CD

(old but in the same thread)
Untorn U

And who know dBridge came out with a Hip Hop album in 2012?! 😱
01The Curt [105 Bpm]
02 B Wright B Wrong [99.5 Bpm]
03 Come On [85 Bpm]
04 Firefly [110 Bpm]
05 Leaindian [85 Bpm]
06 Synergy [100 Bpm]
07 That Type Of Girl [111 Bpm]
08 How Was it? [85 Bpm]
09 We R U 2 [85 Bpm]
10 You Left Me [72.5 Bpm]
11 If I Was Your Man [97 Bpm]
12 The 3rd Time [ 85 Bpm]


William Stutter

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I'm taking a break from music related activities (for an indefinite period of time). I was fighting with my mind whether to declare it on socials, or to simply stay silent, but I think I need some closure to move on. Some unreleased tracks might emerge soon still, but I am simply unable to even start writing anything new since months. Thanks to anyone who supported my music, who booked me, who signed my music, who came to hear my sets live. I'm still very excited about the scene, but not as a producer or DJ, but simply as a listener and as a 'behind the stage' promotor. See you behind the projects I am still happily involved in - Come Meditate and Dungeon Beats.
This short untitled one is a small bonus - I also enabled DL on "White Teeth" and "Black Teeth" tracks for you to grab.