The Four Elements - Earth EP - Renegade Hardware

Arrow Jay

Jan 14, 2002
Bradford, West Yorkshire
Another double pack from the TOV camp, and again, mad props to Clayton for licensing.

The A side is Welcome To The Bassline by Capone, which starts practically the same as Hooligan (TOV50), but with the vocals forward instead of in reverse. The "Welcome To The Bassline" vocal drop is typically Dillinja, and the bassline enters again the same way as Hooligan. The bassline is better on WTTB, but in my opinion...the two tracks apart from that are nearly identical. The drum patterms are the same, the track arrangement is the same, and there's nothing really to justify playing both in a set. The main thing WTTB has on Hooligan, is the bassline is better.

Side C now ;) shows Danny C tearing it up with a remix of Stalker by Loxy & The Usual Suspects. The original is kept well in mind, as Danny updates the drum patterns and the all round energy of the Stalker. Danny has done a wicked job with the remix, and has brought it slap bang up to date, with a track that feels a lot more Hardware than the original. Superb take on Stalker, and well worth the play time.

Side D brings on the statutory showing of Dylan to a RH pack, and bring it on it does!!! Headcharge has a nice scenic intro, before dropping with the help of vocals in a full on drum and bass assault. Easily the best tune Dylan has worked on since Need You with Ink, and one that seriously would not sound out of place on a Hollyywood film. It has a "soundtrack" feel to it, but still rolls through with enough punch and pace to make any Hardware fan sit up and smile.

Back to the B Side now. The one track on the EP I wasn't sure of from looking at it, as I've not caught a lot of tracks from Exile & Temper D recently...but OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :slayer: :slayer: :slayer:

They called the track Warehouse, and that is an understatement!!!!! This choon is AWESOME! Off the charts! I don't even know how to fully describe it! he drums remind me of earlier RH stuff from Usual Suspects, but the bassline just absolutely TEARS IT! If you do play this to yourself to listen to...turn it on from the beginning, sit back, and just wait to break out into a smile when it kicks in. This is worth the price of the EP alone!

One of the BEST drum and bass tunes I've heard in a while. This is message to Exile & Temper D...MORE!!!


Welcome To The Bassline: :afro::afro::afro:

Warehouse: :afro::afro::afro::afro::afro::afro::afro::afro::afro::afro:!!! :slayer: :slayer: :slayer:

Stalker (Danny C Remix): :afro::afro::afro::afro:

Headcharge: :afro::afro::afro::afro:
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