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Jan 27, 2011
First we had the "old skool vibe" which was generically known as "jungle" back in the late 80's and early 90's, which wasnt really my taste, I was more into happy hardcore.

Then in the early 90's "jungle" evolved into drum and bass, and along came the greats such as nicky black market, ellis dee, grooverider & bryan g to name a few, and more and more dj's entered the realms, along with some superb mc's, then the drum and bass sound started to change, it became more "darker" and "heavier", and for the next few years, it carried on changing, getting even more livlier and heavier.

A few years later, (quite a few!!), came along Pendulum, who in my opinion re wrote the laws of DnB, he totally changed the sound and feel of the music. and everyone else seemed to have followed suit, not that i am complainimg, there have been some mahoosive tracks released over the last few years, my favourite being "sub focus" and "Airplane", I bloody love that track!!

In between all that weve always had the softer side to DnB, like liquid, one track for example would be "photek" and "love and war", that still has the DnB feel, but with a softer touch, kind of a morning after the night before track, or a sunny sunday afternoon relaxed track.

Evoulution has know took us on to "Dubstep", which I have to say I am not a fan of. To me it sounds like slowed down DnB, everytime i here a track i want turn the pitch up and speed it up!!

So my question is this,

Following on from how "jungle" turned into the DnB we all know today, will "Dubstep" overtake and become more popular than DnB? will DnB permantly evolve into dubstep and disappear from the scene just like jungle did all them years ago?? Or wil; it remain as strong and as steady as it always has been, and dubstep will run along it, possibly slowly fading like 2step UK Garage did?

Thanks for reading guys

Hope it has all made sense!!


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May 14, 2009
dubstep will definatly become more popular. In belgium, i'd say it is. But because of the fanboys, as dubstep is so cool atm. Dnb will not go away, since there's people who really love it by heart, and will still love it by heart 10, 20 years from now. As i said, dubstep is a major hype right now. It is in Belgium, i don't know about the uk. Fanboys all over the genre. Not so much fun for the people that love dubstep, not just because it's cool. They have to stand the fanboys controlling the ways of the genre because of commercialism. Why did/do pendulum, chase and status and sub focus make mainstream tunes? Because of the money. Sucks for the ones that loved the real tunes made from a love for these sounds, not for the money. And artists that make music for a living, well it's a bit normal they make tunes to earn the greatest profit possible. But it still sucks.

In my eyes, all hypes fade, but a genre never dies as long as there's people listening and living it. The more people like this, the more alive the genre and scene is -of course.


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Aug 19, 2010
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Meh…from my point of view I’d say there have always been two competing schools of music in drum’n’bass and garage and I suspect this will carry on long into the future. At various points in the nineties and naughties one edged ahead of the other in terms of popularity and creativity but neither side ever won (although both assumed they had at different points). As the more stable of the two dnb has always looked on garage with amusement as it twisted and turned and spewed forth various sub genres in a darwinian attempt to stay alive.

At no point do I think anyone should feel threatened by its latest bastard child dubstep. My hopes are that it dies a quiet death and that bassline/grime (or whatever it’s called) regains the lead on garage’s side of the divide. I’d love them to come up with another ‘gunman’ or ‘double 99’ but who knows? I also wish on our side that dnb rediscovered it’s funkiness and stopped the neurosis around subgenres…

We've coexisted for so long is hard to see one carrying on without the other! :grouphug:

I will however say that so long as humans continue to be made in the way they are the faster tempo'd music will always have the edge. IMO.


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Apr 18, 2019


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