The end of Covert Operations!


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Taken from ASC's site/blog
'I’ve decided to put the label on hiatus for the time being, mainly due to my commitments with NonPlus+, but also because of the ongoing distribution saga, and being told what I can and can’t put out on the label. It was getting frustrating, and rather than put out music I wasn’t 100% into, I’ve decided to let it take a back seat for now. It might be back at some stage, and then again it might not. However, I do have plans to see through the last couple of projects, which includes the Mindspan LP, and Global Connections 7, so they’ll both happen at some stage this year.'

Sad news, for me, Cov-Ops was one of the best atmos/techmospheric labels and helped keep the scene going for the last couple of years. So many great tracks signed to the label aswell that, im guessing, will no longer see a release. Some LM1 tracks spring to mind.
Just thought i'd let you know if you hadn't already heard, i dunno how many of you are into the atmos scene on here.


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yea its been a guilty pleasure of mine too for a long time. Props to ASC saying that he is putting it on hold basicly for quality / creative control purposes. I'd rather see the label end then get shitty.

Its better to burn out than to fade away!