The End of An Era: STREETBEATS becomes SB:ADVANCE

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    The End of An Era: STREETBEATS becomes SB:ADVANCE

    Hello all

    Yes, you read it right, Streetbeats is no more....

    Long Live SB:Advance

    A press release with full details can be downloaded from:

    Thanks to everyone who's ever supported Streetbeats throughout the years, we wouldnt have got this far without that support.

    Also contained in this press release:

    - Details of our other d&b labels, Pi and NOIR
    - Details of our breakbeat labels, i-lectrik and Supatronix
    - Details of our club nights and promotions
    - Details of our new websites

    For more info please contact myself or Jay Raser (contact details in press release)

    Thanks, and respect

    Ben Scope, Jay Raser and everyone else @ SB:Advance