Event The End Club has re-opened... Dubstep Event - 18th July

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    Face Book Event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=93989095923

    One of London’s most iconic event venues; 'The End' night club / ‘AKA’ , the home to so much wonderful music over the years, has re opened as 'The Den and Centro' with our first launch party on the 18th July 2009.

    Your time, the newest dubstep festival to hit London, will be taking over all three rooms launching a new residency and Truth's EP release party on Skream's "Disfigured Dubz" record label.

    With over 30 artists, across three levels including DJ sets, live bands, live MC battles & live production performances primarily featuring Dubstep as well as selected sets of Hip Hop, Old Skool Jungle, House & Electronic rock, giving each room something exciting and different from the other while keeping the foundation of Dubstep.

    This will be the re opening and launch party of the year!

    Your Time & Disfigured Dubz EP Release party | Dubstep Festival at The Den and Centro (Formally called 'The End Club' / 'AKA')

    LINEUP ::

    Tes La Rok // (Dub police)
    Kromestar // (Deep Medi Musik)
    Cluekid // (Disfigured Dubz)
    Truth // (Disfigured Dubz | Deep Medi Musik)
    Kulture // (Disfigured Dubz)
    The Others // (Dubpolice)
    Heny G // (Gangsta Boogie)
    Jay 5ive // (Rinse)
    Pangaea // (Hot Flush)
    Riskotheque // (3.5 Records)
    Fused Forces // (Scruffy Hoodlum)
    Wil Blaze & THC // (3.5 Records)
    Mind // (Eight:FX)
    Rob Ennex // (Ennex)
    Kitt //
    Fluid //
    Tigerside // (Live band)
    Bass Clef (Live production performance with instruments show case) // (Skull Disco)
    Phaeleh (Live production performance) // (Surface Tension)
    IZM (Hip Hop + Friendly MC Battle) //
    Curls and Neviks (Hip Hop) // (Passion FM)
    Lee // (Den resident)
    Uncle Dugz and Fuzion UK (Old Skool Jungle) // (Kool FM)
    MC's Black Eye //
    Shockin B //
    F-One aka Fuze //
    Dappa //
    Cstar... more tba

    Date : 18th July 2009
    Time : 10pm - 6am
    Venue : The Den and Centro (Formally called 'The End Club' / 'AKA')
    Address : 18 West Central St London, WC1A 1JJ
    Tickets : Unbelievable £9 advance ticket (07812194928 / 020 8520 6040 / www.ticketweb.co.uk link) // more on the door

    Also Available at:

    Record Box, 23 Seven Ways Parade, Woodford Avenue, Ilford, Essex, IG2 6JX 0208 551 6358
    UDM Records, 30 Southbury Road, Enfield Town,
    Enfield, EN1 1SA 02083665422
    BM Soho, 25 D'Arblay Street
    London W1F 8EJ (0)207 437 0478

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    The advance £9 tickets have all most sold out at : http://www.ticketweb.co.uk/user/?region=gb_london&query=detail&event=331257

    Get in quick before they're all gone at this krazy price.

    If they've all sold out at ticketweb for a limited time you can purchase direct from 07812194928 / 020 8520 6040

    Remember it's next Saturday the 18th July, we look forward to seeing you there and joining in the fun!
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    Tonight, tonight :) Party time!