The dubstepmix-adventures of a virgin. Pop my hymen, please.

So - after a lot of screwing around and never hauling my finger out of my arse, I figured I´d finally take a shot at making "my own" mix of the sort of dubstep/dnb that makes my feet move and the ceiling drip with sweat. Problem is - none of my friends are into dnb/dub/drumstep, so I´m hereby laying it out for any seasoned professional with 30 minutes to spare, hoping for some constrtuctive criticism. I guess most of you know the included tracks by heart, so you won´t have a hard time picking out my bits of fades and input. Am I on the right track? Should I just shove it and go back to my McJob and listen to black metal?

Constructive crit is always good, like I wrote in the header this is my first mix ever created in my first ever session with Adobe Audition. The dubstep scene here in Oslo has really been taking off the past few years, but there´s still a lot of people who havent been introduced. So if the general attitude here is "spread good dubstep like explosive herpes", I´d love to be a superspreader and contribute to infecting more and more of Oslo Shit City here in Norway. I´ll shut up now - and any comments or suggestions are welcome.


Blame, Camilla Marie, Fuda Guy: "Star (Doctor P Remix)"
Kid sister: "Pro Nails ft. Kanye West (Rusko Remix)"
Dodge, Fuski, The Highbury Whores: "Pornstep (Original Mix)"
Doctor P: "Big Boss"
Whiskertwister: "Fucking tnuc"
Flux Pavillion, Foreign Beggars: "Lines in Wax"
Hoogs: "Acts of Terror (D. Thunders Dubstep Remix)"
Bandish Project: "Brown Skinned Beauty (Liquid Stranger Remix)"
Dayn: "Goliath VIP"
Reso: "Beasts In The Basement"
Doctor P: Sweetshop / mashed with the DrumnBass version by Friction, Kameo & Krooked Remix)

Cheers from Norway, hope at least one geek out there feels it.
..and here's a mixcloud-version with tracklisting etc, a LOT better than Soundcloud imho.


Edit: I know this isn't dnb per definition, but - 1: dubstep/drumstep can be argued to be a sub-genre 2: the last track is most definately dnb, and I'm currently extending the mix with 30 minutes of Spor, Evol Intent, Ewun, Chase&Status, Bad Company + +.
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Hey, wanna hear me whine? Cool: Dubstep won't move forward as long as newbies with an obsessive compulsion to create (fex. me) are left to dry with no responses whatsoever. Oh well, that's me being bitchy. I guess I'd rather go and make a new mix, and follow my gut since there's apparently not a huge feedback-culture here. But that's all good, I guess I just had my mind set on some criticism and had this image of dub-scenesters being supportive and idealistic when it comes to spreading the good word and spreading the great music. There! Rant over. I hate being grumpy, so I'd better shut my mouth.