The "Drum, Break & Loop" Q&A Thread

Thought I'd start things off and make this thread as I'v got a few Question's some of you will hopefully be able to help with.

First of all on the intro to Sound in motion by Origin unknown - How the fuck do you make that shuffley break thing?!?

Secondly I need a bit of help in composing my own loops and breaks how can I make The same sort of patterns u hear in so much dnb these days?

Im trying but im finding it hard to work out by ear, has anyone got any guides or maybe screenshots of layouts?

Im using Fruity 8 XXL by the way.

Thanks for any help.



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Alrighty then, I use the same program btw. Well you break out atleast 6 fruity slicers and find a decent sample pack. Find something you like and slice them. Then make a 2 step , just in case you don't know that... on beat, do one kick, then on the next beat a snare, then wait one beat and halfway through the next put a kick, then on beat a snare. Next get your light loop in from a slicer. You can use tamborines and then a hihat playing when a kick or snare isn't. Oh and when you wait a beat in the 2 step, put in a sample from the amen break that sounds like "chuka chuka"

If you want screenshots, first tell me how to upload them onto this website! :D