The dreaded re-install of a system

Discussion in 'Production' started by mistasfx, Jan 27, 2012.

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    Ive just dropped my PC to clean it up and reinstall everything but god, why cant it be more straight forward??

    I backed all my Cubase shit onto external and wiped the HD. When i try n load windows back on would it work??? nah would it fuck. After hours of swearing, google and my tower taking a punch it was something as simple as turning off USB 2.0 in the BIOS.... i mean honestly?? Something that anal???

    Anyway, now onto reinstalling all my software. This aint gone smooth either. Cubase 5 looked different n didnt work. Half my VSTs couldnt be found and licence keys not responding.

    Ahhhhhh so, uninstalled everything and started again in order to how i last remember how things first got installed on my system (which inc installing SX3 to upgrade to 5 instead of a fresh 5 install)

    Fuckin nightmare.

    Anyone else have issues with mofo PC???

    And no, im not gettin a MAC, i cant afford it
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    Get a used Mac.

    Bummer about your resinstallation issues though
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    I've done tons of system reinstalls my friend, so I'll try to help out.

    1. Before reinstalling Windows, did you "deauthorize" or "deactivate" all of your third party plugins? If the plugins don't even have this option to begin with, this shouldn't be an issue. However if you're using any Native Instruments plugins, things can get a bit dicey due to the "ping" setup of NI's Service Center. You may have to contact their customer support to have them reset your machine authorizations.
    2. When you reinstalled Windows, did you reformat the hard drive? If so, did you do a "quick" format or the a "full format?" Also, did you partition any of the drives? Hopefully you did not.
    3. After reinstalling Windows, did you immediately run Windows Update and install not only the Critical Updates, but the optional and hardware updates as well?
    4. Have you double checked that all of of DAW and audio interface drivers are up to date? I know it's a stupid question, but I have to ask to cover all the bases.
    5. Have you disabled Windows Firewall or setup the Firewall permissions to allow any audio/production related apps to pass through?
    6. Have you updated to the latest version of JAVA, DirectX, etc.?

    The biggest problem I've had when reinstalling an OS either for myself or for a friend is the software authorizations that require an online ping to confirm authenticity. When you reinstall the OS, this can cause the authorization code to cease functioning, or the ping will return a result saying something to the effect of "This software is already installed on another machine."

    I'll try to help ya through this the best I can mate, as I know reinstalling a Windows machine is a pain in the cock.

    On a side note, keep your eyes peeled on Mac as there are rumblings around Apple that a slightly updated release of their MacBook Pros and such will be released soon, meaning that the current models will be cut down in price. I found a 15" QuadCore MacBook Pro for $1399 at my local CPU shop the other retails for over $2,000. Just food for thought, but if you're sticking with the PC, that's all good too. We'll hammer out this problem m8!

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    If you keep your PC disconnected from the internet. Drivers up to date. Free of everything but what you need. Samples on one harddrive, cubase & projects on another seperate to your system and regularly de fragment it then it will run as smoothly as a mac & crash free. just gota take extra care ya kno.

    Tis what i've done and I think it's crashed once? maybe twice, but that was because of massive.
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