the "disqualifed" mix - safety


double safety
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i figured i'd post this up for real, with a tracklist, seeing as i'm out of the comp. it's a pretty good reflection of my style condensed into 40 mins, enjoy the journey*

ben sage - rebirth
state of mind - quantum leap
logistics - spotlight
survival & zyon base - forget tomorrow
calyx & teebee - the quest (break remix)
black sun empire - the end of me
bad robot - nightman
state of mind, concord dawn & trei - out of focus
logistics - wide lens
shimon - humanism
ant miles & andy c - apparition
bulletproof & concord dawn - daytura
phace & mayhem - love sex pain
optiv - brainworm
calyx & teebee - make your choice
apex, spor, ewun & evol intent - dirge
the qemists - stompbox (spor remix)