The Deceptive Audio show returns in T-minus 6 hours

Discussion in 'Advertisements' started by Deceptive Audio, Feb 26, 2006.

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    Straight to the point. The Deceptive Audio show returns.

    Starting tonight from 7pm GMT & every Sunday on UK Bass Radio with Dj FuZion. Beats, Bass & Dubz with taste. Let it begin!

    Worldwide times are as follows:

    19:00 GMT
    20:00 CET/MET
    21:00 EET
    03:00 PRC/ROC
    04:00 ROK
    08:00 NZ
    09:00 HST
    12:00 MST
    14:00 EST

    Also check out Disfunktion & the Propaganda show straight after the DCA show.