The debut album from renowned Sinuous Records 3rd December 2012

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    The debut album from renowned drum ‘n bass label Sinuous Records is due to hit the internet and retail stores on 3rd December 2012

    We don’t think you’ll be disappointed with what’s been put together: a compilation of progressive and hard-hitting tunes from some of the most talented drum ‘n bass artists on the planet.

    Hailing from as far afield as New Zealand and South America, every musician brings their own cultural experiences to the mix. The result is a diverse collection
    inspired by the entire spectrum of drum ‘n bass. From furious techstep to more laidback grooves, each track bears the signature of its creator for the ultimate international showcase.

    Despite the eclectic mix of personalities, the Sinuous LP stays true to the label’s central ideas. Dark, reverberating bass-lines are accompanied by sparse and melodic textures
    in order to elicit a range of emotions in the listener.

    Ten years in the making, The Sinuous LP is a massive ‘thank you’ for all the support and love we’ve received since our humble beginnings a decade ago.
    So prepare yourself for drum ‘n bass at it most raw and undiluted…a complete distillation of the Sinuous Records philosophy on one fantastic album.
    Available from the 3rd December limited
    12" vinyl 14 track Cd / digipak .Sinuous LP
    12" vinyl limited
    Maztek - Crawler
    Masheen -Connection

    14 track Cd / digipak
    Maztek - Crawler
    Masheen -Connection
    Allied - Catalysis
    Fragz - Second Intentions
    Place 2B - Red ( remix Place 2B & Paimon )
    L 33 - Transient
    Subtension - Hangar
    Borderline - The Wanted
    Flame - Chain Interlock
    Cooper - The Chosen One
    Scinetyc - Unbound Soul
    Displaced Paranormals - Abstract
    Diagram -Simulacrum
    Future Signal -Realm
    Please follow the links below to select the format that is appropriate for you.
    Various Artists - Sinuous Album

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