Multi Genre The Darkness (80bpm VIP) darrrrkside chill [Free Download]

free download :D feedback appriciated...little vip i did of my last dnb track
Ez man nice sounds and mixdown but for me it needs more variation to maintain the interest.....even as a chilled track.There are a number of subtle changes to the bass and introduction of pads etc and some nice delays that do provide some change. I think you could drop out the drums a bit more in places and get the hats doing a little more I really like it where the drums drop out @ 3.57 maybe more delay filled spacey parts like that? . You could chop the bassline part up a bit to give a few bars with a more minimal sound to it and then drop into the full bass riff after?

Again not really my style but hope that provides some useful feedback from a different perspective :)
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