Drum & Bass The Dangers of Drummed and Based Music

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    This guy is some kind of expert on the matter. He's blogging on Christwire about how the Drummed and Based scene works. Ripe with right wing christian conjecture and old fashion slave era racism. This guy is the next David Koresh.

    "Before we get started, let us review some uncovered information about the group who follow the drummed and based movement, called “Jungle Lists”.

    What is a Jungle List?
    From our “What is a Raver” investigation

    This is the violent clan of the bunch (ravers), with their afro-angry drum beats and zulu dance moves. Mostly made up of “Yellows” and blacks, Jungle Lists goto these parties to stir up trouble, cause fights and rob other ravers. This should not be a surprise as we know communist Asians and blacks due the same thing in American society.

    A Jungle List is known for liking what is called “Drummed and Base” music and are known for their pot and meth addictions. The term “Drummed and Base” comes from the fact that they like fast African style “tripped pops” music and smoke meth or “basing” while dancing like angry silver-back gorillas.

    Each Jungle List group has a leader, also known as a “Rudeboy” or “Bom Bom Cloud”. The leader gets to pick which rave party the crew with go to and what type of dance battles they will perform.

    What is Drummed and Based?

    It is like rap music for Asians and rich black kids who like violence and drenching their brains with liquid acid pills.

    Drummed and Based or as the communist followers call it, DnB, which also stands for “drugs and bondage”, is a electronic BMP music which came from the Happy Hardcore genre in the mid 1990s and could only be listen to on pirate internet sites like Napster and TorrentSpy.

    This type of music is known to have the fastest BPMs in the techno world and due to its speed, it has been known to do brain damage to listers after a long period of time.

    Where Did Drummed and Based Come From?

    Drummed and Based music was a break off from the American Happy Hardcore genre which was mixed with a “break beat” and tribal jungle music. At first it was called “Jungle Music”, but the NAACP found this label was racist, since most of its listeners were of Afro-Saxon colors and they didn’t want to seem like they were calling blacks, jungle people.

    The DnB crews and there Rudeboy leaders, didn’t want to be happy ravers anymore and wanted to get involved in mob style crime and take over the rave scene. They are the ones who sale the anally taken drug, ecstasy and cracked coke cane. The Asian Jungle Lists were usually rich kids and they would “be fronting” the money for the drugs and would have the black Jungle Lists sell it at raves, because we know that is second nature to them. Also, most raves are in dark areas, so it was easy for the black dealers to hide if the rave ever got broken up y the cops.

    What Goes on at a Drummed and Based Rave Party?

    If Satan had a party on earth, it would be a Drummed and Based party. Just by looking at a Drummed and Based parties flyer, you can tell you’re gunna be in for a night full of guns, candy cane flipping, violence and large milk sac’d white women.

    Every flyer usually has a topless white female holding a gun, while in the background you see drugged filled eyed dancers, wearing camouflage on a multi colored lite dancefloor. The font is usually not a very friendly looking type face and will be cover with logos of different DnB gangs.

    A DnB party is pretty easy to explain. After consuming large amounts of black market drugs, the Jungle List dance around in a circle showing off their leg hoping and two step skipping moves in hopes to entice a female to have sexual sessions with them in one of the drug rooms. Sometimes you will see two alpha Rude Boys dance fighting over dance floor territory or over a female.

    Famous Drummed and Based DJs (Drug Jockeys)

    DJ Diesel Boy
    DJ Diesel Boy has been called the “God Father” of Drummed and Based music and some even say he is the creator of the whole movement. This man has been spreading violence to dance floors for over 25 years and has been known to produce music that has the devil’s voice hidden within its based lines.

    Alice Deejay
    A former Happy Hardcore gogo dancer and former girlfriend of Hardcore House DJ, DJ Irene, Alice Deejay has been credited for making the most “Radio Friendly” Drummed and Based song. The song was called “Everything Begins with E”, which was trying to push the rave drug trade of “E” (ecstasy) onto children. She is the only DJ to be able to take Happy Hardcore sounds and mask them with dangerous drug messaged Drummed and Based break beats.

    Armand Van Dyke aka AVD
    Armand Van Dyke was the first DJ to hit the gay club scene, bringing drugs and sinful joy to the homosexual community via his “doubled step” Drummed and Based music. “AVD”, which stood for “Anal Virus Demon”, was able to spread his erotic music all over the dance floors of gay American. His music to this day influences many gay pop stars like Ricky Martin, Enrigay Iglesias and Lady Gaga.

    Different Types of Jungle Lists Groups

    Breakcores are known to be the most violent breed of Jungle Lists. The have been known to purposely goto rave parties and break speakers, rape female candy kids and plur babies, rob promoters and leave urine and fecal matter on dance floors. You can tell if a person is apart of this type of DnB gang as they usually wear “Kingoo” hats and ADIDAS shoes.

    Liquid Funkers
    A liquid funker is a type of Jungle List who just wants to drink large amounts of liquid acid and dance with imaginary seahorses and unicorns. The type is actually very friendly and can be seen helping to clean up after a party, but only in hopes to finding any drugs on the floor that might of been dropped during tribal dance circles.

    Atmospheric Darksteppers
    “Atmo-Darkies” are usually the promoters of DnB rave parties. This group is usually made up of rich mathematic major Asians, who are looking to make a quick buck from drug addicts. They get their name from being the ones who create the “Atmosphere” of a party and “Darksteppers” come from their ability to do ninja style dance moves."


    IF THIS OFFENDED YOU MAKE SURE TO ADD TYSON BOWERS III AND TELL HIM WHAT YOU THINK. I'm sure he would appreciate your non-partisan feedback.
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    One word: Satire
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    Hahaha Is this a double troll!? Or gullibility at it's finest?
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    Can't believe someone went to all that effort to wind-up some christian nut jobs