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Garage The Colonel - "Bubblin' EP" AAAHT NAAH!


New Member

Just wanted to hop on here and give my new EP a cheeky plug…
Anyone who’s listened to a Colonel EP before knows the drill… funk-fuelled drums, warping bass, and a joyous landscape of synths, strings, trumpets and bagpipes (ok I lied about that bit), mashed-up and stomped into some dancefloor mayhem.

In:Flux Audio INEXCL001

But instead of me blowing my own bagpipes, here’s what the label, In:Flux Audio says:

“The Colonel returns for his second EP on In:flux, and helps us kick start our new Bandcamp exclusive series with a bang!

Following on from his brass section inspired wobbler the 'Confused Face EP', The Colonel is on fine form here expanding on that theme, and bringing several more layers of groove to the proceedings. Get you dancing shoes at the ready!”

So there you have it. Use the clicky linkage in this sentence to preview on soundcloud or buy from bandcamp.

Maximum biggups!
The Colonel :cool: