Drum & Bass The Chainsmokers - Don't Let Me Down (Drum and Bass Remix)


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Hey man, I'd use a brighter snare if I was you, you know a more splashy one to give it more impact :) And maybe add some variation to that bass stab, but i like the concept of this remix.. has the original elements with a nice dnb twist


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I really like what you did with this song. I like the original and when I saw this post, it made me curious what a dnb version would sound like.

The drums, tempo and midrange bass compliment the original elements of the song really well. It retains the harmonic phrases of the original then switches to proper dnb. The way you did it works well.

There are a couple things that could use improvement but they're just small aspects like BattleteK mentioned. I'm about to head to work now but I'll have to give it another listen and give my .02 on the few things that could use improvement IMO.

Great job though, it can be hard to take a song from another genre, retain the best elements and feel of the song but also switching it to proper dnb like Jump-Up and it works together. That can be tough, so good one!