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The Cassette Artform

cassette tape culture

these days it is hard to avoid the continuing debate
that surrounds the 'future of music' and the formats
that bring it to us. however this so called 'digital age'
isn't the first time that new music formats have created
such a stir, some time not too long ago it was cassette
tapes that were causing the music industry concern.
the design of the cassette tape was resolved in the
1960s by the dutch electronics company philips
as a portable alternative to the large vinyl formats.
having not been patented the cassette tape design
was quickly copied by many manufacturers leading
to its widespread use. during the mid 1980s
cassettes were at their most popular accounting for
more than half of the worlds total music sales.
alongside the attraction of music on the move, the
cassette tape offered the opportunity for people to
edit and customize their music easily for the first time.
the DIY ethic of the tapes didn't stop with home
recording though, as many people often created
their own artwork for their mixes.