The candle game :: ? :: candles that any man can enjoy

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    The candle game :: ? :: candles that any man can enjoy


    The candle game is something that we men generally leave to the ladies. Hotwicks is looking to change that up with scented candles that any man can enjoy. Don’t believe me? Well let’s run down a few of their scents. They’ve got coffee, campfire, beer, urinal cake and stripper just to name a few. Don’t limit yourself to burning only one at a time. These are like of those milkshake shops that has 50 flavors you can mix and match. Spark a few up to re-create just the aroma you are looking for.

    Want to remember what your Vegas hotel room smelled like after that weekend bachelor party? Maybe go with a Beer + Stripper + Hippie combo.

    Maybe it is the middle of March are you longing for the scents of a glorious Cougar Football Saturday. Then you could run with a Beer + Grass + Pigskin combination.

    Maybe you are feeling nostalgic and you are looking for the smell of the old fraternity. In that case Beer + Hippie + Urinal Cake would probably take you right back.