Radio 'The C.A.P Show' and 'The Cheapshot Show'

Dec 2, 2008
Check out my two radio shows. 'The Cheapshot Show' is every Tuesday available worldwide at, from 7-8pm (GMT), hosted by myself (Paul Bellamy), Sholto David and Tim Howe.

'The C.A.P Show' is every Friday available world wide at, from 7-8pm (GMT), hosted by Callum O'donnel, Aaron Katz and myself (Paul Bellamy), hence the C.A.P show.

They are both similar shows with banter, comedy, and music (obviously).

If you email us during the show on and request a track, we WILL play it (all tracks MUST BE CLEAN) we will read almost all emails out on air excluding any with explicit content.

Any interesting/comical news stories you wish to be read in the news at 7:30pm (on both shows) email them to us on the address above.

If you wish to contact either of the shows when we are not on air, email us at or

Also visit the 10radio website for more info. or go to The Cheapshot Show's website, for more info, old podcasts from the amateur radio shows from a while ago (the dates on the podcasts are the dates UPLOADED not the date recorded). And an arcade is also available.

Please request music, and if you do, if possible send a link to anywebsite with that track available for streaming (youtube,, myspace, and imeem are all usable) please no download links as our directors will not alow us to download music in the studio.

to phone in at a usual english landline rate, call 01984624137
and also the postal adress is,

West St.


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