The Breaks (Noisia / Feed Me / Mefjus) mixed by DJ Mix

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Dec 15, 2010
Over the past two years I discovered and bagged some Nu Skool Breaks / Electro / Techhouse (or whatever it is called) tracks made by Drum & Bass producers: superheroes Noisia (aka Hustle Athletics), compressor king Spor (aka Feed Me) and the prince of edits, Mefjus (aka Mephisto). I have been a bedroom-DJ for some time and I love these tracks, so I felt the need to put them together in a mix for my listening pleasure. I know almost nothing about the music, the scene, labels or other producers (I only stumbled upon the tracks because I follow the output of said Drum & Bass artists), so I will be very happy about pointers! Anyway I hope for more such material by Nosia and Mefjus, and I am very excited about the forthcoming Feed Me LP. When enough new stuff is available to me I will probably record a second Breaks mix (and focus on making Drum & Bass mixes in the meantime).

I have practically no skills in audio production, so the loudness is far from digital mix-production industry standards (the mix is just the uncompressed signal from the mixer, recorded with my PC and converted to mp3). The mixing is not 100% optimal either (there are a couple of beatmatching glitches and some not so tight cuts). But I think the mix is still good enough for listening and sharing - hear for yourself anyway.

192 kbps mp3 & mirror:

01. Intro [CDR]
02. Hustle Athletics - "San Francisco" [Love Breakz LOVEBRKZ002 Lekker EP]
>> Hustle Athletics - "San Francisco" [Love Breakz LOVEBRKZ002 Lekker EP]
03. Hustle Athletics - "Lekker" [Love LOVEBRKZ002]
04. Noisia - "Raar" [Division 001]
05. Noisia - "Gutterpump" [Passenger PASA028]
06. Noisia - "Groundhog" [Division 002]
07. Noisia - "Browntime" [Division 006 Split The Atom EP]
08. Noisia - "B.R.U.L." [Division 003]
09. Noisia - "Yellow Brick" [Division 001]
10. Noisia - "Seven Stitches" [Division 002]
11. Chris Lake feat. Nastala - "If You Knew" (Feed Me Remix) [Milk & Sugar Recordings MSR1186]
12. Feed Me - "Mordez Moi" [Division 003]
13. Feed Me - "Raw Chicken" [Mau5trap MAU5010]
14. Feed Me - "The Spell" [Mau5trap MAU5010]
15. Muse - "Knights Of Cydonia" (Feed Me Bootleg) [FEED001 Whitelabel]
16. Mephisto - "Multiplex" [CDR]
17. Mephisto - "Emotions" [CDR]
18. Mephisto - "Disconnect Me" [Kindcrime KDC004 digital CDR]
19. Mephisto - "Hold Up" [Kindcrime KDC004 digital CDR]
20. Don Diablo & Example - "Hooligans" (Noisia Remix) [Data Records DATA219T]
21. Le Castle Vania - "Nobody Gets Out Alive" (Noisia Remix) [Always Never 001 digital CDR]
22. The Prodigy - "Omen" (Noisia Remix) [Take Me To The Hospital HOSPT02]
>> Noisia - "Split The Atom" (Bar9 Remix) [Division 005 Machine Gun EP]
23. Noisia - "Alpha Centauri" [Division 004 Split The Atom Division EP]
24. Noisia - "Machine Gun" [Division 004 Split The Atom Division EP]
>> Noisia - "Machine Gun" [Division 005 Machine Gun EP]
>> Outro [CDR]

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