The Breakologists releases and info!

Good day ladies and Gents,

We are the Breakologists! Some of you may have heard of us as we do regular sets at Breakology in Kent, which is a huge night packed full of great vibes and spirit!

Recently we have all combined and created some huge tracks, which have all been snapped up by Industry Standard and Extent Recordings. Both releases ( She's Moved on EP, Dubclash and Flying Fists) are due out very soon and we have set up a Soundcloud so that you can check out what we have to offer, with a free track as a complimentry gift for our followers!

There are many projects on the go, We are very busy in the lab aswell as in the clubs and recently we had the opportunity to remix Gappa G and Hyper Hypa- River Nijer. The soundclip for that is also up on the player for you to check out!

Feel free to add us, comment and like our tracks and also give feedback on them as it all goes into our projects in the future!

Here is the link to all future releases on both labels aswell as that free track that we put together as a gift to our followers.

Many thanks for reading and we look forward to your response!

Big Love!

The Breakologists. check Breakology events here!