Label "The Big Bang" By Yabol The Mechapriest Out Now [T3K028]

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    Mar 13, 2011
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    T3K is back! And finally it is time to announce that
    Yabol is signed on the label. It took quite a while
    (he is one of the active members of Mechaplex Crew
    from Poland and calls himself "The Mechapriest" now
    and his productions were signed by powerhouses like
    Impakt, Sinuous, Tilt-Recordings and Venom Inc)
    but now T3K Recordings is very happy to release one
    of his trademark rollers. "The Big Bang" comes in with
    an epic intro and drops with driving percussion
    elements and moving midranges. This one is designed
    to lift off to space and not to come back so soon.


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