The Best Tracks Of 2012 (mixed by Tra:Fo / Hoch10)


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Goodbye 2012!!!!!
A fantastic year... the world has not ended and a lot of great music came up...
in this mix i present some of the most popular tracks in 2012 by the biggest talents on the most busy labels!

52 tracks for 52 weeks ;) ...

0.00.00 - Enei & Eastcolors – 2012 [Critical]
0.01.45 - Break – Love So True [The Other Side]
0.03.45 - Noisia & The Upbeats – Dustup [Vision]
0.04.41 - / Optiv & BTK – Zero Hour [Frequency]
0.05.55 - Ulterior Motive & Codebreaker – It’s On [Subtitles]
0.06.40 - Meth & Raiden – Millimallikas [Proximity]
0.07.47 - Emperor – Monolith [Modulations]
0.09.15 - L33 – Expressions [Syndrome Audio]
0.12.08 - DBR UK & Displaced Paranormals – The Wrath [Cyclone]
0.13.14 - / Enei & DRS – Count To Ten [Soul:R]
0.14.00 - Mefjus – Far Too Close [Neosignal]
0.16.08 - / Heavy1 & June Miller – Judge [Rubik]
0.17.00 - Calyx & Teebee – Elevate The Sound [Ram Records]
0.18.19 - Dub Phizix – Codec [Critical]
0.19.25 - Black Sun Empire – Chaingang (Jade Remix) [BSE]
0.22.40 - / Dabs & Amoss – Still There [Horizons]
0.23.25 - Nymfo – Underfire [Commercial Suicide]
0.24.50 - Noisia & Upbeats – Blindfold [Non Vogue]
0.27.25 - Rockwell – Constantcomplexrythmicsound [Shogun Audio]
0.28.50 - / Prolix – Funkhole [Commercial Suicide]
0.30.40 - Maztek – Renegade (Optiv Remix) [Icarus Audio]
0.31.45 - Stone – Street Talk [Proximity]
0.32.30 - Protone & RoyGreen & PennyGlies – Entity [Smptm]
0.33.55 - / Hydro & Atmospherix – Duende [IM:Ltd]
0.35.00 - Incident – High Explain [Fokuz]
0.36.50 - Break & Silent Witness – The Hills Have Ears [Symmetry]
0.38.18 - / Overlook & DBR UK – Stasis [Architecture]
0.39.00 - Amoss – Tripped [Horizons Music]
0.40.50 - / Cursa – Connections (Ed:it Remix) [Hustle Audio]
0.41.35 - Cern, Octane & DLR – Rawness [Method In The Madness]
0.44.30 - Sunchase & Nickbee – Mangup [Invisible]
0.46.40 - Mikal – The Chant [Utopia]
0.48.50 - Proxima & June Miller – Killswitch Engage [Demand]
0.49.55 - Paperclip – Metane Prick [Paperfunk]
0.50.40 - Amoss & MC Fokus – Shapeshifter [Dispatch]
0.52.07 - Enei – Elephant [The Machines / Critical Music]
0.52.40 - / Judda & Treo – 6th Element (Dub Phizix Remix) [Alignment]
0.53.55 - Mefjus – Distania [Neosignal]
0.55.55 - Scinetyc – Sayonara Skosi Iki [Citrus]
0.57.55 - / Break, Octane & DLR – Murmur [Method In The Madness]
0.58.40 - / State Of Mind, Black Sun Empire & Bulletproof – Roulette (Gridlok Remix) [SOM]
0.59.45 - Paimon & Place 2B – Darko [You So Fat]
1.00.30 - / Borderline & Hooves – Rockhop [SOM Music]
1.01.55 - Fade – Insider [Rooted]
1.03.23 - / Dub Phizix – Never Been [Critical Music]
1.05.11 - Mako, Fields, Villem & Linden – Fuse [Way Of The Samurai 2]
1.05.55 - Kodo – The Jackal [Ingredients]
1.08.50 - Mindmapper & Silvahfonk – Flash Forward [Demand]
1.11.00 - Sabre, Stray & Halogenix – Oblique [Critical]
1.12.50 - Zero T & Need For Mirrors – Charlatan [Integral]
1.13.33 - / Xtrah & Foreign Concept – Harsh Reality [Critical]
1.17.30 - Jubei & Flowrian – Say Nothing [Metalheadz]
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52 tracks for 52 weeks ;)
An interesting idea + quality tracklist from the outset. 17 tunes I don't know completely off the top of my head + a high tunes to minutes ratio is always interesting.

Intro with my fav tune from the Machines album :) thought Love So True was slightly crunched on the drop, but was tidied up quickly. Would have liked the opening mix to be tight on the first beat personally. Dustup I'm pretty sure came in half way through a 32 bar loop, but sounded quite tight in the mix. Almost didn't realise Zero Hour was in the mix as it was in there really well. Its On built well with the intro & the vocal volume increasing to the drop, quality mix & no time to breathe before the unmistakable flavours from a Raiden tune creep in with Millimallikas. Thoroughly enjoyed that little string of Zero Hour - It On - Millimallikas. Monolith could have sat a tad better when bringing it in with the roll of the build up & abrupt switch after the first 32 bars of intro, but I had the same problem when I got used to mixing it. Hhmm, whats that easing in? Loved the little bleepy bits in Expressions on the intro & when it dropped it worked a treat with Monolith. A very well constructed mix right there, if a little untidy towards the end. Not heard The Wrath before - nice effective deep roller, getting a lot from a simplistic tune. Just finish writing that & the vocals of Count To Ten have build to the drop. Well placed between The Wrath & Far Too Close. Love Far Too Close so much - could quite easily be my fav tune of 2012. Subtle aggy flex of Judge bounced in, then back into Far Too Close which was nice, letting the relentlessness rollout, vocals of Elevated This Sound in & dropped before I had a chance to finish this sentence again. Speedy mixing is a wicked touch. Break to Codec intro is straight in there. Keep ETS going to something that I anticipate to be special & almost lost for words (but I'm still writing :D ) when Chaingang rmx drops. What a tune & wicked mix man! Fav mix so far, my face is screwing itself up :) Floaty vocals of Still There drift in for the half time riff which worked well, straight into the building up Underfire. Little blip in there, but sorted quickly & no time to breathe before Blindfold is doing its business building & creating some devastation in the mix. Memorable hooks of Underfire still in for a pleasing listen.

CCRS gets stuck into Blindfold without any hanging around. Intro of Funkhole builds to be teased in to CCRS which is interesting & leads the way for more technical drum structures building for Renegade rmx, especially when mixed with CCRS. Fair play for playing Street Talk too. Its a wicked tune & will have respect for anyone who plays one of our residents of a local dnb nights' tunes. A bit untidy towards the end of that mix. Not heard Entity before either, but loving that effective simple structure, almost sad bass & getting a lot from not very much in a tune. Really hit the spot + when mixed with Street Talk. Duende rolled nicely off the back of Entity for some summery vibes in the mix, roughly near the middle of your mix, hailing the transition from spring to summer, if thats what you were intending - it worked really well along with High Explain. Then right back in there with some rolling filth flavours of The Hills Have Ears. Stasis contrasted THHE rather well, with the roll of the former & the step of the latter. Straight in there with Tripped, working well with THHE. The filthy flecks of both peaking out from the mix & rolling together nicely. Connections rmx moved in off the last mix for a mildly menacing transition. Recognising Rawness on its way in the breakdown of Tripped. Some more super filthy mix there, with both tunes vibe-ing off each other. Second fav mix so far :) Love where you brought Mangup in too, twisting Rawness up a notch to something even more raw. More electro flavours of that last mix pushing through, when the break to The Chant build up might pave the way for the autumn section. Technical steppy beat of The Chant take off & ease down for KSE to drop. Quite a contrast from one tune to another letting KSE drop on its own, but all is made clear when Metane Prick is switched in. Few switches in a row, but nice to hear Shapeshifter's shrieks announcing itself in the mix. Fade things down for the full impact of Elephant, then back in with Shapeshifter.

Riffs of 6th Element easing their way in & more intro with Distantia bring the dutty business in once more. Electro synth beats a plenty when Sayonara Skosi Iki decides to show up to the mix. A technical interchange of some tunes talking breaks to the filth of Murmur pushing its was between the talking pair. Roulette rmx carries on where SSI left matters. Flavours of Portugal jog the memory when Darko comes in. Missed Rockhop, but enjoyed the droning breaked areas of Inside. Felt that the vocals in Never Been could have been a tad louder, as that tends to sit back in the mix a bit. Fuse builds well for The Jackal which sits really well with the former. The Jackal breakdown builds notes of Flash Forwards build up. Bit different dropping a tune in the breakdown of another, especially when it has a breakdown with almost no distinctive beats to listen to, but it kind worked. Proper intro build up for Oblique, giving it the big play it deserves, as well as taking Flash Forward out when Oblique drops. A bit of Charlatan was nice in the breakdown of Oblique. Harsh Reality was a stark contrast to Charlatan when the moved in again. Would have liked to hear more of a mix with Say Nothin on the end, but worked as an outro tune, bringing the feel of things down a notch.

Wicked mix with quality tune selection right the way through. Few little tweaks in there, but nothing major. No substitution for quality over quantity. Would be interested to hear another 3 deck mix selector sometime if thats how your rolling.