The Best of The Tin Box Mixed By Beknoxx


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Jun 13, 2013
Hello All,
Detached Audio has released The Tin Box and our very own @ManuForti graced me with the task of mixing some of The Tin Box catalog. This was something very different for me so me I had a blast. Give it a listen and if you like anything you hear then go purchase the tunes or give likes follows to Detached Audio!

Availiable on all streaming sites and we welcome your support on our bandcamp.

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Manu Forti

Detached Audio
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Mar 8, 2007
Thanks mate... A great mix here with heavy dnb influence throughout, we also had the tracks remastered by John Miszt at STUDIO ONE For the final release.

Massive thanks to anyone involved in this... It really is a masterpiece.
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