The Beat Slinger Series Vol. 2 Breakbeat Nuskool Breaks

Grasp The Erro

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Mar 1, 2009

The Beat Slinger Series Vol. 2 Breakbeat – Nuskool Breaks Click for Streaming or Download

The Beat Slinger Series is a set of solo mixes laid down by Grasp The Erro. Grasp is a dj from BC Canada who has been behind the wheels of steel since early 2001. His first live set was a Trance set heavily influenced by Tiesto. Shortly after that Grasp became heavily absorbed in the world of Hip-Hop and turntablism, going on to take 3rd place in a Regional DMC Qualifier. A few year's later Grasp's day job took him overseas to Australia for 2 years and he was exposed to psy-trance and new styles of Drum and Bass and Breakbeat he had not previously heard. One thing about Grasp is his diverse background and The Beat Slinger Series is the ideal showcase for that background. The second installment of this project is a Breakbeat venture. Primarily composed of Nuskool Breaks there are also Big Beat, Progressive and a few Classic thrown into the mix. Other volumes will include Dub-Step, Glitch and whatever else grabs Grasp's heart at the time.

For contact and booking please email grasptheerro @

Equipment Used in this Recording:

2 Numark TTX1 Turntables
1 Rane TTM 56 Mixer
1 Rane Serato Scratch Live 1.8.3
1 Macbook Pro 2.16 gHz intel Core2Duo
1 PC Based Recording Station
Adobe Audition Software

File Size: 179 MB

Total Running Time: 1:17:58

Bit Rate: 320 CBR MP3
Sample Rate: 44,100 kHz

Recorded on Feb 28 2009 in one session with no alterations made afterwards. If you can't do it live then you can't do it!


1. Sierra Leone (The Phat Riderz rmx) – Agent K & Bella
2. Green Light – The Breakfastaz
3. Fallen Funk rmx – A Dominant Species
4. Wicked Generation (Dilemn rmx) – The Phat Riderz
5. The Pipes – Koma & Bones
6. Drop The Bomb (Nectarios rmx) – Plaza De Funk
7. Ironie (Blende rmx) - Seduction
8. Besieged – Cereal Killaz
9. Crank (Anti-Science rmx) – DJ Rapid
10. Return 2 Mindfunk (Blende rmx) – Elite Force
11. You’re the Type (Arms L rmx) – The Magnet Men
12. Funkbox (hexidecimal rmx) – B Phreak
13. S300 – 4KUBA
14. Brain Damaged - Sharaz
15. Both Knees (The Breakfastaz rmx) - Splitloop
16. Underground – CJ Choopa
17. Break Me (Quest vs. Pyramid rmx) – Quest & Odissi
18. 808 Bass – DJ 303
19. 2001 – DJ Infiniti & Magic Mike
20. Rain – DJ Icey & Jen Lasher
21. Black Smoke – The Prodigy

Samples used in this recording:

Intro and outro ripped from Gangs of New York
Ahhh sample used for cuts on Track 3 – Ngobility’s Battle Scar Breaks
Moan sample used for cuts on Track 9 – DJ Craze’s Bully Breaks
Tone sample used for cuts on Track 15 – Ricci Rucker’s The Utility Phonograph Record
Give it up for GtE sample was ripped from a live DMC battle 2004
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